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Auto Accident

Pedestrian Victim $1,000,000

Plaintiff was struck as a pedestrian crossing private property in an unmarked crosswalk.  The defendant asserted that the vehicle had the right-of-way and that the plaintiff should not have crossed the intersection because it was private property and there was no white, painted crosswalk.

As the car accident lawyer, St. Louis based, to prove our case, we researched Missouri statutes, St. Louis County ordinances, and local municipal codes to provide a statutory basis that our client had the right-of-way at an unmarked intersection on private property.  We proved the defendant was at fault based on a little-noticed municipal ordinance that applied to the case.  The old, but long-established ordinance held that the defendant driver owed a “Duty to yield to pedestrians and traffic upon emerging from driveway, alley or building.”

car accident lawyer st louis

The impact occurred at a slow speed.  Plaintiff went under the vehicle’s tire.  She sustained a de-gloving injury to the lower right leg, a closed lumbar fracture, an open fibula fracture, and a tri-fractured pelvis.  She sustained a crushed tibial artery and a crushed hypogastric artery, as well as puncture wounds.  Plaintiff received a substantial award.  In addition, since she was married, as her auto accident attorney we arranged for her spouse to receive a sizeable recovery due to his consortium claim.