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workers comp attorney
workers comp attorney

Work Injury

Industrial Crush Injury CONFIDENTIAL

Worker was employed changing the grates on a shredder mill at a metal processing plant.  The Worker performed the task in the manner directed by his supervisor to cut the shredder grates on the shredder mill at the corners, rather than as he had done differently in the past.  Upon cutting the grates at the corners, the grates swung about impacting with the Worker’s arm and shoulder and pinning him against the wall, thereby causing injury.

The Worker sustained a crush injury to his right arm and amputation of 2 fingers of his right hand.  He sustained a right open humerus fracture; right humeral external fixation, and wound vac, including amputation of fingers.  The Worker underwent repeated irrigation and debridement of the open wounds.  Significant muscle tissue was harvested from the Worker’s back and transplanted to the arm in order to re-create muscle tissue and mass.

workers comp attorney

We reached a compromise CONFIDENTIAL settlement with the employer’s insurance company, which included 100% of the arm at the shoulder and 38% of the body as whole.  The Worker received temporary total disability payments.  The worker received complete and extended medical care and treatment, including any surgery needed and extended home care benefits.

The Worker chose to forgo on-going payments and extended care.  The Worker chose to receive a CONFIDENTIAL lump sum award to close the claim.  As the Workers Comp Attorney we presented all settlement options to the client so that he could choose the one that was best for him.