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Wrongful Death

34 Year Old Woman $3,300,000

We represented the parents and siblings in a Wrongful Death Action based upon medical malpractice and pharmaceutical negligence for a heart attack that caused the death of their 34 year old daughter.  They really needed a St. Louis Medical Malpractice Attorney. Our theories included that the defendants negligently manufactured an unsafe medication, that the physician negligently prescribed an unsafe medication, and negligently failed to monitor the daughter.

Our experts showed that the prescribed medications were not safe and that the medications prohibited the production of two very important clotting factors in the blood stream.  By selectively suppressing a good enzyme but allowing for a bad enzyme, these medications caused pro-thrombotic state which leads to heart attacks and strokes.  We proved that these negligent actions led to the heart attack which caused their daughter’s untimely death and that this was not an accidental death but was caused by negligence.

Our diligent efforts secured a $3.3 million dollar judgment in favor of the daughter’s family.