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st louis car accident lawyer


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Automobile Accident

If you are injured in an auto accident, it's important you call a St Louis car accident lawyer right away.

st louis auto accident lawyer

Here’s why:
The insurance adjuster calling you is not your friend. The insurance company’s team is already building their case against you. Start building your case against the insurance company by calling us now. 

You or a loved one were injured in an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident. To support your claim, you need to talk to a St Louis car accident lawyer immediately so that you are sure your supporting evidence is preserved and your supporting witnesses are contacted.  Let our experienced lawyers gather the winning evidence regarding how this accident occurred and what injuries you sustained.

You can and should call your own insurance company, but do NOT talk to the other party’s insurance company.  They are not on your side.  The other party’s insurance company makes money by NOT paying your claim.  The insurance adjuster wants to record your statement to prove you were at fault and you are not injured.  If you already have a message from them, do NOT return the call.  If you answer a call from them, simply say, “My attorney will be in touch,” and hang up.  Then call an experienced St. Louis Auto Accident Lawyer.