We only handle injury cases in Missouri and Illinois. Period.

Prospective clients ask us if we have experience in their type of case so we then classify our St Louis legal services by the type of personal injury cases we have handled. See our LIST, below, of auto cases, personal injury, premises, worker’s comp, malpractice, and wrongful death cases that we have personally handled.

While every case is unique and no two cases are identical, there are similarities from case to case. Since we are experienced personal injury lawyers and only handle injury cases, we frequently find our cases involved the same or similar type of negligence, the same or similar serious injury, and the same or similar legal issues and factual circumstances. Some even involve the same negligent defendants.

The following is a list of some of the Missouri legal services we provided in personal injury cases we have actually handled. It is not an exhaustive list. We are always happy to discuss with you our past experience and how it is relevant to your unique case.