Work Related

Here’s why:
Get the Medical Treatment and Weekly Checks that you need and the Maximum Recovery you are entitled to.

Missouri has a very complex Workers’ Compensation system. It gives Insurance Companies many ways to deny injured worker’s claims. Insurance Companies often deny weekly compensation checks and even deny needed medical treatment.

As experienced St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyers, we protect the rights of injured workers and insure that they receive the compensation checks and medical treatment to which they are entitled, and the maximum recovery available by law.

Work related cases and claims can put stress on your relationship with your employer, but that can be minimized.  If the situation is not handled by an experienced St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney, you stand the risk of putting undesirable stress on your employment relationship and not getting the maximum settlement possible.

Our experience in handling work related injuries will help you minimize this stress while still allowing you to collect the maximum you deserve under the law.  You need to call on of the top workers compensation lawyers as soon as possible so that you know what not to do as much as what to do. The law is different for work related injuries compared to auto accidents and personal injuries that are not work related.  Call now.

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