$375,000 Settlement for Injured Motorcyclist in Sovereign Immunity Settlement Against a Municipality

Our client was driving a motorcycle on the Interstate when the Defendant-Driver negligently let loose wet mud, rock, and debris from his municipal work truck. Due to the severity of the injuries, our client had no recollection of events, having suffered a closed head injury and memory loss.

Because of the injury, our client went by ambulance from the scene to the hospital, where he was admitted for treatment during a 4-day hospitalization. He suffered left wrist fractures, right clavicle fractures, and 5 rib fractures. He returned to the hospital for surgery, where he underwent internal fixation of his right clavicle, wherein the orthopedic surgeon surgically implanted plates and screws into his right collar bone because of the severity of the impact.

Defendants denied liability. Our firm alleged and proved that the defendants failed to load and secure their vehicle so as to keep their load safely within the confines of the Defendants’ vehicle. But the Defendants countered that plaintiff was traveling to fast for conditions, too close for safety, and wore improper safety equipment.

Municipal corporations enjoy sovereign immunity protection pursuant to Missouri Statute 537.600.1. Nevertheless, we reached a favorable settlement of the claim for $375,000.

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