What Do I Do Now?

You have been in an accident in Missouri or Illinois. What do you do now? If you have received expert medical attention from a doctor, you need to receive expert legal attention from a lawyer. Here are 10 steps to take following an accident-legal advice from a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer:


Are you OK?

Make sure you and your loved ones are okay. Then make sure anyone involved in the accident is okay. Do not delay or assume that your injury is ‘not that bad’ or will ‘just get better.’ If you cannot be certain that everyone is uninjured, call an ambulance or 911 immediately. Get immediate expert medical attention. If your symptoms do not subside, get help.


ER or Urgent Care

Even if you didn’t require an ambulance, go to the Emergency Room or schedule a medical appointment immediately with your doctor. Even if days have passed since the accident, set an appointment. State all of your complaints even if you think they are minor or may have resolved by themselves. Get it on the record. Injuries can surface or resurface days or weeks after an accident.


Call the Police

If you have ANY injury or property damage, you will need a police report. Be prepared to state clearly to the reporting police officer how the other driver caused the accident.


Don't Apologize

Don’t be rude, but don’t accept blame for something you did not cause. Now is not the time to be gracious. Of course you are “sorry” that the accident occurred, but any apology after the accident will be construed as admitting fault for causing the accident. Speak up and place the blame where it should be.


Get Support

Speak with witnesses and passengers to discover any support for your version of the events. Write down names AND contact information of everyone.


Call Your Insurance Company

Even if you are not at fault, you just may need additional coverages from your own policy. Some policies have uninsured motorist coverage, under-insured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, bodily injury coverage, or property damage coverage. You need an experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyer to help you. Don’t rely on your own agent.