Ask a Car Accident Lawyer: Don’t Brush Off or Minimize Your Injuries

A Car Accident is No Time to ‘Cowboy Up,’ says a Car Accident Lawyer.

Many people after a car accident have a tendency to minimize the seriousness of their injuries.  They ‘brush off’ any injuries that may initially seem insignificant. Don’t minimize your claim; state your injuries clearly and frequently to the police, ER nurse, ER doctor, and any other health care provider.

St. Louis Car Accidnet Lawyer

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

From an experienced Car Accident Lawyer at the Mueller Law Practice, it is very important to state that you are injured.  It is very important to seek medical attention for any injury suffered.  It is very important to seek the legal counsel of a knowledgeable car accident attorney. Learn more: (314) 962-5100.

It is not uncommon for a slight bump on the head to be the only outward sign of a serious, internal closed head injury. It is not uncommon for neurological symptoms associated with a neck or spine injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident to escape notice until days, even weeks after the car accident itself.

Most every car accident involves a great deal of force being exerted on the driver and passenger. The weight of the vehicles involved is far more important that the speed. A leaf traveling 15 mph in the wind causes little or no injury; but a motor vehicle or truck traveling only 5 mph can cause permanent external and internal injury.

Any motor vehicle accident is reason enough to get examined by a medical professional, including all necessary diagnostic tests to determine the true extent of any injuries sustained.

If you need expert medical advice, you will benefit from expert legal advice. Call a car accident lawyer at the Mueller Law Practice to discuss your accident, treatment and claim.

Your car accident lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies and also limit any medical lien payments to health care providers involved. This will increase your recovery and decrease your expenses to maximize your settlement.

Do not assume that any injury is insignificant. Do not ‘cowboy up’ or ‘Soldier On.’ The accident was not your fault and you are entitled to medical treatment and legal representation.

When you need a St. Louis car accident lawyer, contact the Mueller Law Practice. We work to recover fair compensation for our clients, to treat them with compassion and understanding, and to fight for justice.

We offer free phone consultations 24/7, and no fees or costs are due unless and until a recovery is obtained. At the Mueller Law Practice, we listen to you. Serving Missouri and Illinois. Learn more: 314.421.4441.