Ask an Auto Accident Lawyer: What is my case worth?

An experienced Auto Accident Lawyer should be able to answer what your case is worth.

One of the most commonly asked questions of an Auto Accident Lawyer in a personal injury claim is: “How much is my case worth?” First, if you were injured in an auto accident you have the legal right to receive financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

What is a claim worth? The short answer is: The amount of your recovery depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. To answer this question accurately and honestly, an experienced Auto Accident Lawyer will have to understand the circumstances unique to your case, including:

What are the nature and extent of your Injuries. What injury did you sustain? Soft tissue bruising, cuts and stitches, fractures, disc herniation, closed head injury, or permanent total disability. The value depends on the injury.

Medical expenses. While treating your injuries, you may incur bills for hospital stays, doctors’ visits, medical devices, prescription medication, physical therapy, etc.

Loss wages. Many people injured in accidents are unable to work while recovering from their injuries. A permanent loss of bodily function may also affect your future earning capacity which you may also include in your lawsuit.

Damaged property. An accident might have caused substantial property damage or loss.

Pain and suffering. You should be able to recover money for your past, present and future physical pain and suffering related to your injuries.

Emotional distress. Particularly traumatic events leave physical as well as emotional scars. Accidents and injuries also commonly disrupt peoples’ lives, causing inconvenience, anxiety, depression, withdrawal and other unpleasant emotions.

Loss of enjoyment. Your injuries may prevent you from engaging in hobbies, sports, exercise and other recreational activities. They may also affect your time, activities and relationships with family and friends.

Loss of consortium. If your injuries inhibit your ability to perform household chores, clean, provide emotional support and sexual services to your spouse, your spouse may be able to collect compensation for loss of consortium (or the impact your injuries have had on your marital relationship).

Auto accidents can cause various injuries to virtually any part of your body. The circumstances of your car accident determine the relationship to the injury. Importantly, the specific circumstances of the accident and medical treatment following the accident help guide an auto accident lawyer and insurance companies on what value a claim may have.

St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney at work

St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney at work

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