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Civil justice is what you are left looking for when the negligence of another person, business or corporation has left you with personal injuries and struggling to put your life together after a car accident, bicycle accident or motorcycle accident. No normal person would exchange money for a healthy functioning body, brain and happy life. Civil justice is also what you are left to seek when a loved one’s life is lost in a fatal accident that was not their fault.

Establishing negligence, or fault, is the first step in making a successful personal injury claim. Conducting an aggressive investigation of the facts, collecting witness statements, hiring competent engineers and accident reconstruction specialists prove this part of your claim. When looking for fault an experienced St Louis Personal Injury Attorney will look at the small details, like a negligent driver’s cell phone records, in an automobile accident case. Careful investigation and preparation of a personal injury claim is a critical part of filling out the puzzle of why the accident happened and who is truly responsible for the serious injuries you have suffered or the wrongful death that has occurred.

Both bicyclists and motorcyclists face a great deal of vulnerability when a motorist or trucker makes a mistake or simply doesn’t see your bicycle or motorcycle on the road. It doesn’t matter that the law gives you the right to share the road with cars and trucks when a truck or car makes a left turn in front of you, crosses into your lane of traffic or simply doesn’t yield the right of way.

The result is typically personal injury or worse suffered by the driver or rider on two wheels. When a motorcycle accident happens you need an experienced St Louis Personal Injury Attorney in your corner and when a bicycle accident causes personal injury, through no fault of your own, you need an experienced St Louis Personal Injury Attorney.

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