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What are the Factors Contributing to Car Accidents and Injury

Answer: Most automobile accidents are usually caused by driver error.

The primary factors that cause car accidents include:

  • Driver error. If more drivers didn’t try to get where they are going quite so fast or didn’t drive so aggressively or carelessly, there would be fewer accidents. More Missouri and Illinois accidents are caused by driving too fast for conditions than any driver violation.
  • Defectively manufactured. Manufacturer-installed parts such as safety belts, brake devices, tires, and other vehicle components have all been implicated as factors in allowing injuries to become more severe than they might have been.
  • Poor mechanical work. Car accidents may also be caused by poor mechanical work. For example, shortly after a tire change, a tire falls off, and the driver loses control of the vehicle. The garage doing the work could be held liable for any property damage or personal injury caused-both to you and any other party.
  • Poorly maintained or designed roadways and intersections. Motor vehicle accidents may be caused by poorly maintained roads and poor road design. This can include banking the road so centripetal force works against the vehicle, even at speeds that would normally be expected.

Identifying Your Legal Rights after a Car Accident

Evaluating all the possible causes of a serious motor vehicle accident is a job for experienced St Louis Personal Injury Lawyers.

You should consult with St Louis Personal Injury Lawyers immediately if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • You have injuries that may require emergency, surgery, or long-term treatment, such as physical therapy
  • Your injuries have resulted in your inability to work
  • You have had any type of head or brain injury
  • If, as a result of your injury, your physical abilities have been hindered (i.e. you are unable to walk, dress yourself, feed yourself, or handle other personal activities)
  • You had a prior injury or medical condition that was aggravated as a result of the recent incident
  • If the insurance adjuster has contacted you to discuss your claim.

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