Drunk and Negligent Drivers Cause Thousands of Car Accident Injuries

Drunk and Negligent Drivers Cause Thousands of Car Accident Injuries Every Year

Drunk drivers cause thousands of car accident injuries every year. Choosing to drive a car after drinking alcohol is a negligent decision that can have disastrous consequences.

Missouri personal injury law protects victims of car accident injuries. Missouri law allows those who have suffered car accident injuries by negligent or drunk drivers to file claims and lawsuits to recover compensation and damages.

At the Mueller Law Practice, our attorneys help victims and their families of car accident injuries to obtain payment $ for their injuries, medical expenses, and lost income after car accident injuries, including those caused by drunk drivers.

The legal blood alcohol count is .08% or lower. It does not take very many drinks to reach this level and become a dangerous driver. Car accident injuries caused by drunk drivers can be catastrophic if not fatal. Drunk and negligent drivers have little control of their vehicles, frequently driving too fast for conditions or against oncoming traffic. By filing a claim for damages and compensation, the victims of car accident injuries and their families put drunk drivers on notice.

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