Experienced St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

Experienced St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

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When searching for a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer, consider this: The St Louis Personal Lawyers at the Mueller Law Practice have successfully handled thousands of personal injury claims and cases – since 1959. We have a combined experience of 75 years, dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to clients throughout Missouri and Illinois.

If you were in an accident or severely injured, chances are you’ll be getting a call from an insurance adjuster soon enough. Before you sign or agree to anything, you should know one thing: Injury victims are often pressured to settle quickly.

Why? Because the insurance companies know that the quicker they get you to settle, the less likely you will get a large settlement. If you don’t have an attorney fighting for you, the insurance company almost always saves a lot of money, while you, the victim, end up with less.

You may be tempted to take the insurance company’s compensation offer even if the payout is unfairly low or fails to cover your medical expenses. You might feel rushed to get back to work and make up for wages lost while you were in the hospital, or you just don’t know where to find a good attorney.

Don’t take chances with your future. Without experienced legal representation you could be faced with mounting medical bills or be denied life improving medical treatment all together. Don’t let this happen to you!

We handle serious personal injury cases throughout the state of Missouri and Illinois. Our St Louis Personal Injury Lawyers protect and advocate for the injured victims of:

Auto Accidents

St Louis Car Accident Lawyer dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of Ohio victims in major motor vehicle accidents.

Personal Injury

St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer dedicated to handling serious personal injury cases. We are experienced personal injury lawyers.

Wrongful Death

The Mueller Law Practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of surviving victims in Missouri and Illinois wrongful death cases.

Truck Accidents

The St Louis truck accident lawyers at the Mueller Law Practice are committed to protecting the rights of severely injured victims of Missouri and Illinois semi truck and tractor trailer accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

A St Louis motorcycle accident lawyer will answer your questions including what actions need to be taken. Unfortunately, one wrong move can hurt your case. We will help you through the confusing time period following a motorcycle crash. We will also help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for answers to your questions and to learn your legal rights.

If you have suffered an accident or injury, call a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer at the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, for a free case evaluation: (314) 421-4441. Speak with live attorney about your claim. Evenings and Weekends: (314) 962-5100.

We offer free phone consultations 24/7, and no fees or costs. At the Mueller Law Practice, we listen to you.

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