Experienced St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

Experienced St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

The American Legal System protects the rights of victims who suffer injuries or illnesses as the result of negligence. Whether accidents are caused by individuals or occur in the workplace or on another’s property, visitors have a right to hold at-fault parties liable for their damages.

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Although laws are in place and routinely enforced, the judicial system also allows negligent parties to defend themselves in court. As such, large businesses and insurance corporations tend to exercise their massive assets, resources and legal teams to overpower victims in legal settings and pay them as little as possible.

At the Mueller Law Practice, our legal team has more than 80 years of combined experience in a variety of personal injury matters, as well as unique backgrounds within the insurance industry. These attributes allow an experienced St Louis Personal Injury lawyer form our firm to understand how businesses and insurance companies respond to and defend against claims, and with this knowledge, we can effectively craft litigation plans that neutralize their efforts to unfairly compensate victims.

Catastrophic Injuries
Physical injuries are considered catastrophic when they result in serious medical procedures, long term treatment or care, and / or life altering conditions. Burn injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries also result in tremendous emotional damages that victims and families can recover in addition to their financial reimbursement.

Auto / Commercial Vehicle / Trucking Accidents
Commercial vehicle companies are held to strict federal regulations regarding the safety of passengers and others on public roads and highways. Victims of accidents involving common carriers, buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles can hold negligent companies and drivers liable for the damages they caused.

Construction Accidents
The construction industry is one of the most important sectors in America, yet is also one of the most dangerous. Construction workers who suffer injuries while performing their job can file civil lawsuits for negligence, carelessness and failures to provide safe conditions.

Dangerous Products
Defective and unsafe consumer products injure and kill numerous Americans every year. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers who fail to ensure that their products are safe for their intended use can be held fully liable for compensating victims and families.

Medical Malpractice
One of the most common forms of negligence in a professional setting involves medical malpractice. As physicians, nurses and medical professionals are required to uphold standards of care, they can also be held legally responsible for their failures to meet them. Negligence of health care providers can include surgical errors, medication errors, diagnostic errors, birth injuries and others.

Premises Liability
Premises owners are required to provide safe conditions free from preventable and foreseen harm. When third party altercations such as sexual assault, rape, battery and robbery occur as the result of negligent security, victims can hold premises owners liable for their failures.

Workplace Injuries
Employers, product manufacturers, contractors, premises owners and other third parties are legally obligated to ensure that employees are safe and that the conditions they provide are free from preventable harm. This means that they can be held accountable for injuries and illnesses their workers suffer in gas explosions, work-related fires, toxic and hazardous material exposure, and other workplace accidents.

Wrongful Death
The untimely death of a client, patient, guest or employee is the most devastating consequence of negligence. By holding negligent parties liable for their actions, eligible family members can obtain a sense of justice and compensation for their financial and emotional damages.

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