How To Select The Right St Louis Personal Injury Attorney

How To Select The Right St Louis Personal Injury Attorney

When you, or someone you know, has suffered a serious injury, your life is in crisis. At this difficult time, you are called upon to make an extremely important decision about something you may know nothing about … how to select the right St Louis Personal Injury Attorney.

• You Need To Act Quickly

In many serious injury cases, insurance companies that represent large companies have their own team of experts that are dispatched to the scene of the accident the very day it happens. To protect yourself, you need to retain a competent attorney immediately so that valuable evidence is preserved or worse, destroyed.

• The Attorney You Select Does Make A Difference

Just because a law firm can buy a big highway billboard or a TV commercial does not mean you will get that lawyer. Don’t go with a BIG name just to be passed to an inexperienced associate or paralegal. Talk with a partner. The truth of the matter is that if you’ve been injured, you will only get one chance to get the compensation you deserve.

• Questions To Ask a St Louis Personal Injury Attorney

1. Have you obtained large settlements & verdicts in the past?
2. How many years have you handled personal injury cases?
3. Have you handled my type of case in the past?
4. Do you have an “AV” rating from Martindale–Hubbel Legal Directory?
5. Will you personally handle my case or will I be passed out to a younger associate?
6. Will you return my calls and e-mails, and keep me informed of what’s going on in my case?
7. Does the attorney have reviews from past clients on his website?
8. Does the attorney you are considering hiring accept a limited number of cases or do they take basically every case that walks in the door?
9. Does the Lawyer Care About You?

St Louis Personal Injury Attorney: Greg Mueller

St Louis Personal Injury Attorney

• What Do Injury Lawyers Charge?

Typically, all personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency fee. The standard fee is 33.33% of any recovery made before suit is filed and 40% of any recovery after suit if filed. This means you can hire a really good lawyer for usually the same price as a less skillful one.

The attorney should pay for all case expenses during the pendency of the case. You should not have to pay any expenses. Typical case expenses would include the cost of ordering medical records and bills, police reports, filing fees, depositions fees, expert witness fees, animation production fees, day-in-the-life video production costs, records, reports, postage, copying charges, and travel expenses. These case expenses are then reimbursed to the attorney, along with their attorney’s fees once the case is successfully resolved through settlement or verdict.

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