Investigation by an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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1. The first steps of any motorcycle accident is to make sure that the motorcycle driver has received timely and thorough medical treatment. Go by ambulance to the ER. This is NOT the time to Cowboy Up! or Take it like a man! Go to the doctor and make sure that your doctor documents your complaints. Are you dizzy? Do you have numbness and tingling? Are you unsteady?

Without proper medical documentation close in time to the date of the accident, juries and insurance companies are less likely to believe that injuries are related to the accident. They are more likely to believe that the injuries are fabricated to inflate the recovery.

2. After you have a medical treatment plan in place, contact your St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Get the police investigation report of your accident into the hands of your motorcycle accident lawyer. The accident report is critical. Witness recollections are always fresher closer in time to the accident, rather than months, weeks, or even days afterward.

A thorough investigation is usually performed by the reporting police officer to establish the fault of the responsible parties. The police report often serves to establish that the motorcyclist did little or nothing to contribute to the accident. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney will contact the reporting police officer and witnesses to preserve their opinions and testimony.

3. A skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer knows that the general public (and most juries) are prejudiced against motorcycle drivers. The general public wrongly believes that the motorcycle driver assumed the risk for their own injuries and that the motorcyclists are always at fault for their own injuries. This is not the law and not the truth.

4. It is often important to photograph the property damage on the vehicles and the motorcycle. Keep the motorcycle and helmet in the exact condition they were in at the moment when the motorcyclist came to rest after an accident. Compare these with photos of the motorcycle before the wreck. Submit these sets of photos to a motorcycle accident lawyer, since they can be useful as proof of the extent of the damage to the bike and help establish the fault of the other party.

5. Liability experts are important in a motorcycle accident to prove a claim. Many motorcycle accidents that result in serious injury or death will require the retention of accident reconstruction experts and human factors experts. There are unique aspects of motorcycle accidents that many general accident reconstruction experts do not understand.

Summary: If the motorcycle accident has resulted in a serious injury or death, you will benefit from hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. Without an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to present the claim, many juries and insurance companies will assume that the biker was at fault for the injuries for riding on a motorcycle in the first place. Insurance companies will only present evidence supportive of this false assumption.

An injured motorcycle driver will need to hire an experienced St. Louis motorcycle attorney to perform an investigation and retain the right experts to prove and win the case.

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