Motorcycle Accident Lawyer obtains recovery for victim in truck accident

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-A St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer obtained a substantial, confidential recovery for a motorcycle accident victim with a tractor-trailer truck.  The accident occurred on North Broadway in the City of St. Louis.

What Happened?

The tractor trailer truck made a left turn, after letting several cars passed through the intersection.  The truck driver did not see the smaller motorcycle traveling closely behind the other cars.  After the cars went through the intersection, the truck began its left turn, directly into the path of the on-coming motorcycle.  The motorcycle drove into the tractor-trailer truck and the motorcycle driver suffered serious injuries.

One-Sided Report

In the police report, the tractor-trailer truck driver denied causing the accident to the reporting police officer, claiming the motorcyclist was traveling too fast.  The motorcyclist could not give an immediate statement to the reporting officer because of his injuries.

What Did He Do?

Fortunately, the motorcyclist hired a St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer from the Mueller Law Practice, LLC, to investigate and protect his interests.  The police report only contained one side of the story.  Our attorneys investigated the accident for the motorcyclist immediately, and presented his side of the story.

What Did We Do?

motorcycle accident lawyer

The Truck Driver Had a Solid Green Light But…

Our investigation uncovered the posted speed limits and the sequence of the lights at the intersection.  The tractor trailer truck driver had a solid green light and a duty to yield to on-coming traffic, including motorcycles.  Here, our client, the motorcyclist, had the right-of-way.

The Whole Story

Further, the intersection was under construction.  Our investigators took photos of the scene showing the construction as it existed on the day of the incident. The truck driver admitted in the police report that the motorcyclist was following a line of cars through the intersection.  Since the motorcyclist was following several cars through the intersection, it was highly unlikely that all of the cars and the motorcycle were in fact speeding in a construction zone.

These newly presented facts help refute the one-sided story of the tractor-trailer truck driver, and help reach a favorable, confidential settlement for the motorcycle driver.

Why the Motorcyclist Received a Settlement

The motorcyclist hired a St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney as soon as he could. Because he acted quickly, our firm’s team of investigators could act quickly to preserve important evidence because the injured motorcyclist could not do so.  Our lawyers could then present that evidence to the insurance company’s lawyers and adjusters in order to refute the claims of innocence by the tractor-trailer truck driver.

What Makes Us Different

We only handle personal injury claims.  And we only represent victims against insurance companies.  We LISTEN to your side of the story.  Because of our EXPERIENCE, we know what action to take to get results.

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