Personal Injury Lawyer St Louis: Passenger Injuries

A Personal Injury Lawyer St Louis Can Find Many Options To Recover for Auto Passenger Accidents

If you were a passenger injured in a motor vehicle accident, you have the right to seek compensation from the party or parties at fault, and possibly other policies, according to a Personal Injury Lawyer St Louis. IMG_9444

Drivers are required by law to have insurance. This insurance covers not only the drivers and their automobiles, but also the passengers in the vehicles at the time of the accident.  Let an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer St Louis listen to your case to determine how to maximize your recovery: 314.421.4441.

When a passenger is injured, the driver involved may be a close friend, neighbor, relative, or even a parent, sibling, or spouse.  Even if you are friends or relatives of the driver, you may still be entitled to compensation from the insurance company.  That is what insurance is for, that is why people buy insurance — to help loved ones and other people who are accidentally injured in an auto accident.

Passengers are rarely at fault (a lawyer would say rarely “liable” or “negligent”) for causing an accident, unless the passenger interfered with or distracted the driver. The drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident are responsible for the injuries caused by the accident, based upon each driver’s percentage of fault.

Put another way, a driver of a vehicle is not automatically at fault for the passengers’ injuries unless that driver is also at fault for causing the accident.  If 2 or more vehicles are involved in a car accident, only the driver or drivers at fault for causing the accident are responsible for the injuries to any of the passengers.  If this seems complicated or confusing, call an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer St Louis for a free analysis of your claim: 314.421.4441.

Insurance companies set money aside (in a fund called “reserves”) earmarked to pay passenger claims.  Don’t hesitate to make a claim just because you know or are related to the driver.  Whether the driver is a friend, relative, parent, child, neighbor, or mere acquaintance, the injured passenger should not be deterred from seeking recovery from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If you or someone you know was an injured as a passenger in an auto accident, act quickly and talk to a trusted attorney at the Mueller Law Practice.  An attorney will speak directly with you during work hours at: 314.962.5100; or 24/7 by cell phone: 314.614.4662.  Call now: An attorney will meet you at your home, hospital room, or any place convenient for you.

If you act now, we can send an investigator to the scene.  We can record the testimony of witnesses while memories are fresh.  We can work to preserve evidence, photograph your injuries, document property damage, and build a winning case for you.

You will have a free, no-pressure, no-obligation consultation that will allow you to ask questions, discuss your situation, and decide if you wish to pursue a case – all at your pace and your timing with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer St Louis. We only represent injury victims. Call now, then decide: 314.421.4441.