Should I Take a Photo of Myself? Ask a St Louis Auto Accident Lawyer:

Yes, take photos of your injuries and any property damage, says a St Louis Auto Accident Lawyer.

A picture IS worth a thousand words.

If it is safe to do so and if everyone else around you is getting the needed medical attention, take a cell phone photo of your injuries and a photo of your property damage, and also of the property damage of the other vehicles involved.

Visible injuries heal.  Cars get towed and repaired.  Memories will fade with time. You may have incisions from surgeries that disappear. You may have bandages and casts that will be removed. You may puncture locations in your back where you received injections or pain blocks.

A picture can help the jury (or an insurance adjuster who has the checkbook) understand your injuries and add value to your settlement.

If you take pictures, try to take the best ones possible. If it is hard for you to do it yourself, have someone else take it. Make sure there is nothing in the background to distract or diminish the value of your photo.

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