St Louis Auto Accident Lawyer: Preparation is Everything

St. Louis Auto Accident Lawyer: Preparation is Everything

The successful resolution of an accident case requires three things by your auto accident lawyer: Preparation, Preparation, and Preparation.

From the very first contact, we welcome a new client, and our auto accident lawyer begins by listening to every aspect of the claim and your immediate needs.


Everything begins with a complete and immediate investigation. Knowledge is power. Our auto accident lawyer will search Google Maps for the scene of the accident – while you are on the phone. Our auto accident lawyer will photograph the location, record witnesses, investigate the background of those involved, and prepare your case.

Getting You What Your Case is Worth

Not long ago, insurance companies used a formula to determine how much a case was worth. They looked at your accident, calculated certain numbers, and came up with a value they were willing to pay. Times have changed, and insurance adjusters are now much less inclined to pay fair value for a case, especially for those without an experience auto accident lawyer. The days of the ‘free ride’ are over – real results now require real work.

Our auto accident lawyer team is fully committed to getting you the maximum value for your case, constantly exploring ways to increase the amount of money you “put in your pocket.”

• Medical Treatment
• Property Damage
• Lost Wages
• Rental Cars
• Pain and Suffering

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