St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer: Trucking Accident

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St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer: Trucking Accident

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Common problems in trucking accident cases:

Motor carrier shortcuts: Companies are required to verify the qualifications of their drivers including speeding, accident and drug and alcohol records. In an effort to keep their trucks on the road, they sometimes hire drivers with poor records or only minimal training and experience.

Companies sometimes also push their drivers too hard, requiring excessive hours in order to make the run on schedule. In fact, some trucking companies penalize their drivers for late deliveries. Companies know how long their trucks are operating and they turn a blind eye to overtime driving so long as the deliveries get there on time.

Driver fatigue: Fatigue is implicated in over 20 percent of trucking accidents. A fatigued driver is an impaired driver. His perception and reaction time are reduced. The principle reason for fatigue is lack of sleep or diminished quality of sleep from medical conditions such as sleep apnea.

Driver’s logs: Despite increased emphasis on compliance with hours of service rules, drivers continue to falsify their logs or maintain duplicate sets of logs. On July 1, 2013 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations to reduce driver fatigue became effective. Trucking companies and their drivers were given 18 months to adapt to the regulations, which limit the average work week and mandate rest periods. FMCSA noted that working long hours on a continuous basis is associated with a high risk of crashes and a number of serious health conditions in drivers. The regulations are based on years of scientific research. Some drivers continue to resist these regulations, leading to falsification of their logs.

Distracted drivers: Studies have shown that using a phone while driving poses a higher safety risk than other driving distractions such as eating or fiddling with instruments.

Equipment maintenance: Motor carriers are required to keep their equipment in working order. The tendency is to take short cuts, particularly with brakes and tires, so that the big rigs can run longer. Drivers are required to make a pre-trip inspection of the tractor and trailer. To do this inspection properly requires time and drivers often do no inspection or only a cursory one so they can get on the road.

Speed and stopping distance: The tires on a semi have reduced friction capacity compared to the tires on a car. Thus, a semi requires a significantly longer distance to stop than a passenger vehicle. A bobtail (tractor without a trailer) needs almost twice the distance of a car to stop. Speed is a crucial factor when operating a fully loaded (80,000 pound) tractor trailer.

Hazardous conditions: Have you been passed on the road by a big rig is poor weather? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require drivers to exercise extreme caution when operating a truck in poor conditions such as snow, ice, sleet, fog, rain, dust or other factors that adversely affect visibility or traction.

Call us fast: When an 18 wheeler, flatbed, coal truck or freight carrier is in an accident with a car or pedestrian, the motor carrier will likely have its 24 hour emergency response team of investigators, claims handlers and lawyers on the scene within hours. It is crucial for you or your family to contact experienced tractor trailer accident lawyers while the scene is still fresh.

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