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Best Personal Injury Lawyers St Louis Know Pedestrian Crosswalks.

Most pedestrians know how to cross a street.  Most know how to look both ways, walk between the two white lines, go with traffic and a green light, and with the “walk” sign indicator flashing. But many pedestrians do not know the nuances of Missouri and Illinois law – especially when one or more of these factors and conditions are either not present or are in conflict.  An experienced personal injury lawyers St Louis knows pedestrian law.

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What if there is no pedestrian signal?  What if there are no painted white crosswalk signs?  What if there is a green left-turn arrow and a solid green light?  Who then has the right of way?

A experienced personal Injury lawyer in St Louis knows.  Missouri, Illinois and most municipalities have statutes and ordinances governing the right-of-way for pedestrians at intersections.  Missouri and Illinois give the right-of-way to pedestrians at crosswalks.  The driver of a car or truck must yield to pedestrians.

But most pedestrians do not know the harsh consequences of failing to follow the statutes and ordinances governing pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.  The failure to follow the rules can result in the pedestrian be held partially or completely at fault for the accident.  The failure to follow the rules can result in no personal injury recovery.

What is a crosswalk?  Quite simply, a crosswalk is where the sidewalk ends and the street begins.

How many crosswalks are there?  There are generally two types of crosswalks:  The first is a “marked crosswalk.”  A marked crosswalk is marked either by signage or white painted lines, or some other markings.  The second, and less commonly known, is an “unmarked crosswalk.”  An unmarked crosswalk is defined as that part of a roadway that is within the [continuation] or connection of the lateral lines of sidewalks at any place where 2 or more roadways of any kind meet or join, measured from the curbs or from the edges of the roadway.   In either the case of a marked or unmarked crosswalk, pedestrians usually have the right-of-way.

Who is at fault in a pedestrian vs. auto accident?  For a pedestrian to recover in a personal injury claim, there does not have to be a painted crosswalk or even a sidewalk on both sides of the street for a legal “crosswalk” to exist.  When the sidewalk ends at a street, a legal crosswalk usually exists even if there is no sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, and even if there is no painted crosswalk or signage indicating a posted crosswalk.
Even in most unmarked areas, the pedestrian has the right-of-way.  Victims of automobile accidents at marked or unmarked intersections usually have the statutory right-of-way and a right to recover against the defendant driver.

Don’t cross diagonally. 

Pedestrians should also know that they may not cross an intersection diagonally, unless there is a crossing device that not only permits a pedestrian to cross the intersection diagonally but also signals the pedestrian to do so.

Don’t walk on the left side of a crosswalk.

A pedestrian is required by law to walk on the right side of a crosswalk.

Don’t’ jaywalk.

In the case of jay-walking pedestrians, the law places a higher duty of care on the pedestrian.  Any pedestrian who crosses a street without using a crosswalk has the responsibility of making sure that no car hits them.  The pedestrian has the responsibility of not being struck by a car or truck when crossing anywhere except a crosswalk.  Unfortunately, many pedestrian accidents that occur outside of a crosswalk or intersections, often lead to no personal injury recovery for the pedestrian.

Don’t be negligent.

Missouri has a law of comparative fault in personal injury claims. In Missouri, the jury will decide whether and how much a pedestrian is responsible for causing or contributing to cause an accident.  In the case of a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle, the jury will decide whether the pedestrian failed to follow the proper rules of the road regarding pedestrian street-crossing, and any recovery is reduced by the pedestrian’s percentage of comparative fault.

When crossing a street, pedestrians should make sure to (1) cross at an intersection; (2) walk within crosswalks; (3) walk on the right side of the crosswalks; and (4) obey traffic signals. By doing this, the right-of-way is on your side when you need the Best St. Louis Pedestrian Injury Lawyers to fight for you.

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