Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

Avoid making a mistake when hiring a
St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer.

The process of choosing the right St Louis personal injury lawyer can be intimidating, especially for the first time accident victim.  Here are the some of the common mistakes accident victims make:

5. Hiring a St Louis Personal Injury lawyer who does not concentrate exclusively on St Louis Personal Injury Claims.

Some attorneys can maintain a general practice in many areas.  Personal injury law is complicated and specialized.  Doctors specialize and so do lawyers.  Hire a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer for your injury case.

4. Getting passed around.

Don’t hire a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer who will not work on your case.  Some lawyers “specialize” in marketing, but they do not work on your case.  Once your case is signed up, it’s   handed off to a lesser experienced associate or maybe even a paralegal.  Your case will not get the same attention and expert handling if the lawyer you hire is not working on your case.

3.  Not discussing availability

What good is your lawyer if you never speak to him?  If you hire a lawyer who does not have the adequate time to take you on as a client, your legal needs will suffer. If you get stuck speaking with the receptionist, paralegal, secretary or voice mail, your case will suffer.  If your lawyer won’t speak with you and give out his cell phone, consider another option.

2. Hiring an attorney based upon someone else’s outcome.

Every case is different. Every case is unique.  Value depends on the circumstances and complexity of your case, the severity of your injury, the nature of your medical treatment, and the willingness of the opposing party to act reasonably.  Only an experience personal injury lawyer can know the value of your case and how to achieve the best and quickest outcome.

1. Doing someone else a favor.

Just because your nephew or your brother-in-law or your co-worker of your neighbor’s sister is an attorney, does not mean she or he is the best person for you.  You have complex medical and legal needs. Learn how to politely decline such offers.

Hire a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer with decades of personal injury legal experience, who will actually work on your case, who will give his or her cell phone number to you, and is capable of trying your case to a conclusion. We only handle personal injury claims.  And we only represent victims against insurance companies.  With combined attorney experience of over 75 years of personal injury litigation, we have the knowledge and expertise to maximize your recovery.

Have you or someone you know been involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries as a result of that accident? If so, call us, 24/7, for a free call and free consultation regarding your personal injury case today.

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