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Trucking Accidents: from a St Louis Personal Injury Attorney viewpoint:

Truck Accidents: Imbalanced Cargo

When a tractor trailer loses its cargo on the roadway, the outcome can be tragic. Even small pieces of debris that come loose can cause an unsuspecting motorist serious personal injury and a serious accident.

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Cargo securement standards require the driver to inspect his cargo:

• Before a trip
• In the first 50 miles of travel
• At the beginning of every period of driving
• At three hour (or 150 mile) intervals

If a truck loses some of its cargo, it can come crashing through the windshield or onto the hood of a trailing vehicle. It can cause swerving and unintended accidents. It can cause serious and even fatal injuries.

Both the truck driver and the trucking company are responsible for securing loads before departure. Both the driver and the trucking company must make sure they are properly secured and balanced. A tractor-trailer has a higher chassis than passenger vehicles-especially in the trailer. A properly balanced vehicle is especially important, because a lop-sided load can make the large vehicle roll over or jack-knifing.

Cargo Securement

If a driver does not properly inspect the cargo in order to identify any loose or off-balanced loads, he may be held at fault in the event of an accident. The one exception is if the cargo is sealed or loaded so that inspection is not possible.

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