Why Hire a St Louis Auto Accident Attorney?

You have been injured in an auto accident.

  • You have medical bills.
  • Maybe you can’t work.
  • Maybe you can’t drive your car.
  • People depend on you.

You are thinking about hiring a St Louis Auto Accident Attorney, but you are not sure what to do.  Here are some reasons why you need a St Louis Auto Accident Attorney:

The insurance adjuster does not work for you.  The adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company as much money as possible.  That may mean that the adjuster is trained to pay you as little as possible, or perhaps even nothing at all.  What should you do to level the playing field? What must you do to protect yourself?

There are only two options for the victim of an accident:

1)      Surrender

…to the insurance company’s lawyers and adjusters, knowing that they are highly trained professionals paid to make as much money for the insurance company as possible.

2)      Hire

…your own St Louis auto accident attorney.  Your attorney will explain every detail that is happening during the claim, as well as handle every aspect of the case.  By hiring your own experienced St Louis auto accident attorney, you give yourself the best opportunity to receive the fullest recovery in the quickest time period.

Don’t represent yourself against highly trained adjusters and lawyers who won’t – who can’t – protect your interests.  If you represent yourself, you will never know how much insurance was available, how many policies could have been paid directly to you, whether medical payments coverage was available, or whether your medical liens could have been reduced.  If you represent yourself, or work with the insurance company’s adjuster, you risk leaving buckets of money with the insurance company.

If you represent yourself, you may limit how much money the insurance company will offer you for medical bills, damages, and pain and suffering.  The insurance company may keep you waiting for your money for as long as possible because it is in their best interest to do so.

If the insurance company has a team of lawyers, adjusters and investigators trying to deny or limit your claim, you deserve expert legal representation to stand up for your rights.  You deserve a lawyer with decades of personal injury experience dedicated to representing victims’ rights.  You deserve a lawyer who knows the law and who will demand a fair and quick settlement for you.

You should hire an experienced St Louis Auto Accident Attorney NOW to tell the insurance company (and just in case, tell the jury) your side of the story:

An experienced St Louis Auto Accident Attorney will

  • Investigate and photograph the scene, vehicles, and injuries;
  • Preserve physical and medical evidence favorable to winning your case;
  • Obtain recorded statements of favorable witnesses while memories of the accident are fresh;
  • Take the right kind of photos to show your side of the claim for deposition, mediation and trial;
  • Hire experts to testify to your side of the accident and injuries

It doesn’t matter what type of accident happened to you, hiring a St Louis auto accident attorney to represent you in a personal injury claim will take away your stress and anxiety, and it will give you the best chance to win your case at trial.

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