Why You Need a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer.

Why you need a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer:

Our clients often ask:  Do I really need a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer?

A. Yes.  Regardless of the type of accident, it is almost certain that you need a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer to receive fair treatment.

Why? Because insurance companies are not your friend. What is good for the insurance company is almost always bad for you. They make money by not paying settlements, especially to inexperienced and unrepresented victims.

We tell our clients: “If insurance companies did what they are supposed to do and paid fair compensation for injuries, there would be no need for personal injury attorneys.”

The regrettable truth is that insurance companies do not pay fair compensation in a prompt and reasonable fashion regardless of the type of accident. Whether it is a vehicular accident, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, products liability or otherwise, it is in the insurance company’s best interest to pay as little as possible.

2) How do I select a St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer?

A. At the Mueller Law Practice, we strongly encourage you to seek an attorney who limits his or her practice to Personal Injury law before making any decision as to your accident claim.

While there are some fine attorneys who practice personal injury law in addition to other areas of the law, the increasing complexity of our laws has made it more difficult to have expertise in more than one field of practice, such as personal injury litigation.

At the Mueller Law Practice, we don’t handle any other types of case. We only handle injury claims – 100%. No criminal. No traffic. No family law or divorce. St Louis Personal Injury Attorneys for over 25 years.

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We offer free phone consultations 24/7, and no fees or costs. At the Mueller Law Practice, we listen to you.

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