Why you need an Auto Accident Lawyer

An Auto Accident Lawyer adds $ Value to your case.

An experience Auto Accident Lawyer will not cost you, but will ADD value to your claim. Most injury victims do not understand how valuable an experienced auto accident attorney can be to your case and your settlement.

Auto Accident Victim


How did the accident happen? An auto accident attorney will first thoroughly investigate your claim. Without timely gathering evidence, you will not be able to maximize the value of your claim.


Insurance Policies

How many insurance policies apply to your claim? Most accident victims do not have the experience to understand their own policy or the other driver’s policy. There are valid claims and exclusion for medical payments coverage, bodily injury, property damage, loss of use, car rental reimbursement, and other coverages. An experience auto accident attorney is trained to understand all of the these policies and exclusions.

Most insurance agents are paid to protect the the insurance company. Don’t accept as the truth everything that the insurance agent tells you, especially regarding the value of your claim or the number of polices applicable to your case. Insurance companies make money by not paying claims. Don’t just accept an agent’s estimate without consulting an auto accident attorney of your own.


What is the value of my St Louis Auto Accident claim? Don’t accept 100% of a small settlement. Hire an auto accident attorney to and share a percentage of your claim to get the MAXIMUM value of your case. An auto accident attorney knows the value of each of your recoverable damages, including:

• medical care and related expenses

• income lost because of the accident, because of time spent unable to work or undergoing treatment for injuries

• permanent physical disability or disfigurement

• loss of family, social, and educational experiences, including missed school or training, vacation or recreation, or a special event

• emotional damages, such as stress, embarrassment, depression, or strains on family relationships — for example, the inability to take care of children, anxiety over the effects of an accident on an unborn child, or interference with sexual relations, and
• damaged property.

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