Will the Insurance Company Pay Medical Bills For Car Accident Injuries?

Q. Who will pay for the medical bills from my car accident injuries?

A. Only in very rare cases will the opposing side assist on the payment of medical expenses for car accident injuries incurred as a result of their insured’s negligence.

  • First, by not paying any medical bills from car accident injuries, insurance companies make it difficult for injured victims to receive the quality care and treatment they need, and that frustration may lead to an early and “cheap” settlement of the claim.
  • Second, they do not want a complete medical record that clearly presents your injury. That would increase the value of a claim. If you do not have MPC (Medical Payments Coverage) insurance on your automobile, or if you do not have health insurance that would cover other types of car accident injuries as the result of an accident, it is very difficult to secure the medical care needed.

At the Mueller Law Practice, in many (but not all) cases, we are able to assist in finding doctors who will accept cases in such a situation.

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